Intégrer les jeunes en tant qu'acteurs dans la société



Wich duo ?

Drawing by Antoine, 8 years
Antoine, 8 years


Architect-Teacher duo, educational activity providers
The main objective of ArchipedagogiE is to enhance the status of the architect-teacher duo that should be the initiator of each educational activity. 
Their dialogue enables activities to be undertaken consistent with the approach of the architect (awareness, cultural, historical, environmental,..) and of the educational project of the teacher for students from nursery school through to high school. 
Educational activities
Each architecture and urban environment awareness project invites the architect to develop specific and original teaching aids. They correspond to the teachers’ request and to the context within the establishment.
The types of activities common to the different initiatives, in the new art history curriculum, have been identified:
  • educational workshops: drawing, model making, report writing 
  • visits to buildings, places and construction sites: strolling, photography, measured drawings, interpretation of places,… 
  • visits to exhibitions: discovery with a guidebook, a sketch,… 
  • presentations and theoretical classes: reference analysis, discussion, documentation,…
  • games and competitions: developed on a topic
  • activities: applied art projects,…

To have a general survey of the diversity of these educational activities, we recommend that you investigate the ArchipedagogiE database