Intégrer les jeunes en tant qu'acteurs dans la société



For whom ?

Drawing by Antoine, 8 years
Antoine, 8 years
The focus of ArchipedogogiE
The ArchipedagogiE website collates and assembles, facilitates exchanges, enables to create and strengthen partnerships by setting up an easy search engine to the educational activity and training course databases in order to transmit architecture.
Two ArchipedagogiE reference databases:
  • the architecture educational activities for the young, undertaken or in hand, bringing together the architect-teacher duo; 
  • the “training courses for trainers” and awareness activities to transmit architecture for educational professionals and/or teacher training for architectural and/or mediation professionals.
Activity providers, contributors to ArchipedagogiE
Website contributors are the providers of educational activities and/or training courses: organizations and associations that diffuse architectural culture, the architecture and/or mediation professionals, the schools and extracurricular establishments, the teachers and/or education professionals, schools of architecture… 
They participate to develop databases by recording their activities and/or training courses.
A website open to all
The website in intended for architects, teachers, cultural organizations, the general public, activity sponsors and the press. They can look for educational activities and/or training courses, have access to resources and teaching aids, can exchange and participate in the Forum …