Intégrer les jeunes en tant qu'acteurs dans la société



By whom ?

Drawing by Antoine, 8 years
Antoine, 8 years


ArchipedagogiE.org is the initiative of the Conseil National de l’Ordre des Architectes (CNOA) and the Architecture Centre Network.
To create a multi-partnership website to consolidate savoir-faire
Architecture educational activities for the young have been a major study topic and activity of the Architecture Centre Network since 2006. This interest aligns with the inclusion of architecture in the art history curriculum subsequent to the Education Department decree published in 2008. Several seminars and consultations revealed that a strong dynamic generates architecture and urban awareness activities, however, associated with a lack of development and grouping of these activities throughout the country.
The Isère Architecture Centre organizes a working party whose objectives are to pass from experimentation to generalization. The new ArchipedagogiE website is designed to consolidate these initiatives.
Le Conseil national de l’Ordre des architectes

Ordre des architectesThe institution representative of the architectural profession in France, the CNOA consists of 30,000 practicing architects. With the intention to restore architecture within artistic and cultural education, it has contributed financially to the construction of this interactive tool and its multi-partnership vocation to provide support to architects in the classroom.


Architecture Centre Network

Founded in 2004, the Architecture Centre Network represents thirty-three Architecture Centres, associations with different statutes, which share the same objective: to transmit architectural culture to the general public.

The Network has set up tools to be shared: the websites http://www.ma-lereseau.org/ that presents the activities of all the member associations, and http://www.archicontemporaine.org/, a visual panorama of contemporary architecture. The ArchipedagogiE.org website is the latest tool developed by the Network that should facilitate the redeployment of architecture educational activities.

The Isère Architecture Centre manages educational activities within the Network

Maison de l'architecture de l'Isère

Since 2006, the Isère Centre has managed the studies on this topic with a working party within which have participated several Architecture Centres: Alsace, Brittany, Languedoc-Roussillon, Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur with two observers: the Pau Destination Patrimoine and the Grenoble School of Architecture.
On the strength of its experimentation conducted with the Grenoble School of Architecture in architectural mediation and professional training course, the Isère Architecture Centre has organized seminars, published articles which, up until 2010, sustained the working party studies, and it managed the design and development of this website in continuity with its action towards the generalization of raising architecture awareness.