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Architecture and education professionals

Visit of the Grenoble Museum for teachers conducted by one of the architects during a CAUE Isère Architecture Centre training course
Isère Architecture Centre
Training courses for architecture and education professionals
Essential courses
Training courses exist for architecture and education professionals. They provide notions of teaching for some and of architecture for others. 
The architect-teacher duo project requires this initiation in order to understand the approach and knowledge of each other. 
The objective of these training courses is to facilitate the implementation of a shared culture through complementary skills.
Training courses on ArchipedagogiE 
Training courses are listed in the ArchipedagogiE database. 
We recommend you to consult them. 
You can also find them by looking in the event calendar by date and by your participation in the Forum! 
Further, if you organize training courses, record them in the database.